Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I will tell a story if you die..

Oh, what a summer it is so far. It was pretty good weather on friday, at Midsummer. Me and Jim went to Skövde to fix some things with our old apartment. Then at the afternoon it was time for a Midsummer- dinner with Jims family. Sour cream, salad, eggs and potatoes, I often think of which dinner is the best; the Midsummer- dinner or the Christmas- dinner? 
After the dinner and some chilling we went back to the apartment to finish up, just so we could drive home again. I have to say, Skövde is a very nice little town, but Örebro feels very much more like home. The apartment feels better and everything seems just right. 
Since we got back home on friday night, it seems like it's been raining almost the whole time. I like rain, it can be cosy, but I could really use some sun now. Don't want to go through the summer without any sun! We get plenty of rain during the rest of the year..

If everything goes well, as we planned, I know this will be one of those good years, which you can look back at in 10 years from now and think; that year mattered. I know every year matter in it's own way, but there are some that stands out. And I think this year can be one of those years. 

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