Sunday, June 17, 2012

I dreamed a dream..

I've always been a dreamer. Both awake and asleep. I often remember my dreams, pretty detailed as well.
The other day (night) I had a dream that actually scared me a bit. I dreamed that I ate something, discovered that one of my canine teeth were loose and when I touched it,  it fell out. What I've read about dreams like that, is that they are no good.

1. Losing teeth is a process that occurs during aging (we lose our first teeth as a child, and then we can possibly lose our teeth when we're getting old). Dreams of losing teeth may have with anxiety and concern about growing up, mature and have to start taking more responsibility.
It can also be interpreted as fear of aging and death.
2. Losing teeth can mean that someone close, a friend or someone in your family is sick, maybe even dying.

I can feel that the first interpretation actually applies to me really well. I have, especially in recent years, found it difficult to feel satisfied that I grow old. Childhood is gone and I now live in adult life  that dosn’t always go as you want it to go. Accountability and independence is such a big part of life right now and it feels like it will just be a bigger and bigger part. Inboard, I somehow find it difficult to understand that I am not 18 years old anymore.

Since I had this dream, I have only focused on the second interpretation. Of course, it would be a great sadness if the interpretation would turn out to be true, and that's obviously what I'm worried about.

I think the topic is interesting; where dreams come from, why you dream as you do, some could easily remember their dreams while others hardly ever remember theirs.

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