Thursday, November 19, 2009


"Isn't it kinda weird when you sometimes remember stuff you used to do but then your life changed and you stopped doing it. And when you look back at it you can see all the people you actually met, and were there for you and you didnt even know they were there. Cause you were too blind to see it. And now you dont know what they are or what they do cause you didnt really pay attention to them..
It's like when you go to a community you used to go into every day and you look at your sad little diary where you put down your sad little feelings, and some nobody commented that everythings gonna be ok. And you're like yeah right. And now when you see it again you think that that nobody saw you and tried to help you. And you see that the nobody haven't been online for like a year or so and you're wondering what happened to that person."

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