Thursday, March 19, 2009


Aya1gou måste ju vara en av världens bästa manikyrister!
Bilderna nedan kommer från hennes Flickr,
och det finns många fler på henes Flickr.
Detta är bara några av dom.
Om man ändå vore så där duktig på att fixa sina naglar!
Acrylic sculptured nails with cute fruits and rhinestones!

Nails with swarovski crystals!

Nails for Valentines Day, with hearts and bows!
Again; cute nails with fimo fruits and glitter!
Colourful nails with bows and rhinestones!
Aya1gou must be one of the worlds best manicurists!
These picture, from her Flickr, are just a few of all the cute pictures she has on Flickr!
I wish I was just as good as her to do my nails!
I want Aya1gou to be my neighbour, so she can do my nails like this!


Aya said...

HI ^^
thank you for your article!
I am very happy :D

Gossamer Creations said...

Those nails are so beautiful. Very nice post.