Sunday, April 06, 2014


It's about one year and two months now since we adopted our cats Feo and Melody. And I still get a bit fascinated when I think about how much Melody has changed. 
Feo has always been very social, but Melody who was a very shy and not so social cat has changed and it feels like she gets more secure each day that passes by. The last few months she has seemed to be more social and she actually seems to like to be closer to me and Jim. She lays in our bed in the mornings, and she likes to cuddle in the sofa in the evenings (although you still have to go get her, she rarely comes to you by herself). But she doesn't run off like she used to do. She's still shy and acts carefully but she's a lot more courageous then when she first came to our home. 
Here's some pictures of her. She usually doesn't like to have her picture taken, but this time she seemed to like it and posed like a diva ;) 

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