Friday, October 05, 2012

Kitchy colours and light shades

New wallpapers are up, there's a new bed in our bedroom, a new bookshelf in the livingroom and today we're gonna put the new sofa together. I'm excited. It feels good to finally get things together and make the "new" home a home.
I've recently discovered that my taste in interior has changed a bit too. I've been very into the indian style, and I still love it. But in this apartment, it will be more bohemian style I think. Dark wooden furniture in the livingroom and lighter ones in the other rooms. I think I will have to take some pictures when it's all done and ready.

Here's some pictures I found on House of Hedda
I love the light vintage/shabby chic look combined with some kitchy colours!


Flashes of Style said...

Such lovely home inspiration! <3



Liliana Cardoso said...

Hi :)
Cute pictures, very good for inspiration.