Monday, September 05, 2011

Symbols and myths

Todays studies, had two lectures.
In short what we talked about today.

Religious changes
  • How does religions change?
  • Changes in religion and society?
  • How does the religiosity change during life?

  • Why does a person become religious?
  • How does a person become religious?
  • When does a religion matter?

  • The ring
  • Food (supper etc)
  • Clothes (niqab etc)
  • The human body
The meaning of a symbol; different meaning depending on context.
Symbols which creates borders between individuals, identities and groups.

  • What is a myth?
  • A myth is a story which is considered sacred amongst the believers, and which gives meaning to the community and the individual.
  • The myth mostly holds a story about the history, the present and the future.
  • Religious myths can be about how the divine intervene in the humans lives. (When God created the world etc.)

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