Tuesday, August 09, 2011

University, here I come!

What´s been going on lately?
Yesterday I recieved great news; I got into the university I wanted to go to and I will study for three years. I will start the first of September, so I have about three weeks to get things in order. It feels like there´s lot of time to do everything before I get started, but I guess these weeks will roll by pretty fast.
On Friday I am going to the hairdresser to get my hair cut (gotta look fly when school starts!) and I´m thinking a haircut a lá Victoria Beckham. I usually go for something like that, but this time I will bring new pictures to the hairdresser so it might get a bit different from before. As long as it looks good I´m happy. I´m always scared it will turn out too short. We´ll see how it turns out this time.

Victoria chic

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