Sunday, November 14, 2010

How to practice hinduism

Questions and answers taken from this forum!

Question 1: So, there really is no one- way to practice Hinduism?
Answer: No.

Question 2: So, if i have statue/image of the deity and place something in front of it, it counts as an offering? What is the purpose of the offering? What merit does it have?
Answer: Yes, fruit or flower or even water can serve as an offering. If you are worshipping God through an image then you are offering your devotion or love towards God. Basically, you are inviting God to come and be present in the image. So it is as if you have invited a dear friend or your parents into your house. Wouldn't you offer food to your guest? The offering plays the same role. It is not a question of merit. It is simply a token of your love. The purpose for daily worship and offering is to get you used to the idea that God is not an authority figure who lives far from you but is in fact your very own.

Question 3: There aren't any set prayers? How do I know if I am praying properly to the correct deity?
Answer: How do you talk to a dear friend or a parent? God is like our father or mother. God is our very own. Why is there any need for a set prayer?

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