Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Traditional weddings

So, when I´m at it I just might as well show you some more pictures of indian weddings.
This time, the pictures are taken by Sephi Bergerson on Flickr.
You should also visit his website!
This is an artist you dont want to miss!


The brides handdecorations during a hindu wedding.

The brides dupatta and the grooms scarf are tied together during a hindu wedding.

It´s not only the women who wears detailed and stunning clothes.
Check out this mans "hat", nothing you would see in a traditional Swedish wedding right?

The bride wears beautiful jewellery during the wedding.


Elisa Day said...

Så många vackra bilder! Vad bra du skrev i förra inlägget, kände igen mig också. Kram

iluvmath_3 said...

Beautiful Images!