Monday, January 25, 2010

Indian weddings

Indian weddings is a great inspiration. The colours is the biggest one for me.
What would life be without colours?
These pictures is taken by fotografik at Flickr.
You should visit her link to see more beautiful pictures!
Entrance to a reception.

Beautiful decorations, the colours, the flowers, the water..
Can you ask for more at your reception?

The brides parents lead her to the mandap, the wedding tent.

The mandap (wedding tent)
The bride is gorgeous in her wedding clothes and the jewellery.

Bangles on her arms and mehndi on her hands.

Another beautiful bride!
The bride and the groom.

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Elisa Day said...

Vackra bilder! Jag blir också inspirerad av Indiska bröllop. Det är vackra tyger, smycken och färger